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An investigative agency with a difference, that is run exclusively by retired and well experienced Police officers of the Kerala State Police Cadre having years of expertise in the field. Our Agency sets highest of standards in providing real time quality information in the shortest possible timeline for individuals, Banks, Insurance Cos., Law firms etc.

Our Services

  • Pre Employment
    It is very tedious to choose a right candidate for your company. We validate pre-employments records, qualification and experience of candidates which make you decide to hire an eligible employee for your organization.
  • Post Employment
    In your company when you feel that the employee is breaching the business ethics and violating the confidentiality of company then you have the option to catch that particular person red handed. We helps to find out the employee.
  • Asset Verification
    We provides asset verification services so that the business follows the transparency and honesty. In asset verification includes taxation records, shares and debentures, mutual fund investments, real estate and property, personal source of income etc.
  • Missing Person
    A person goes missing for many reasons like family discord, depression, extra marital affair, fear of failure, etc. Our network is spread pan India, to help you trace the missing person. Our approach is utilizing several tracing tools and techniques.

  • Employee Theft
    Employee theft is an essential trouble for all organizations. We have a group of educated investigators with the skills and experience to analyze employee robbery and offer you with the proof you need to carry out the relevant disciplinary motion.
  • Copyright Infringement
    Our professional has prior experience to handle the case of copyright infringement. We will protect your organization from counterfeit products and grey marketplace trading. We do our work scientifically and provide results with proven method.
  • Pre Matrimonial Investigation
    In our Pre Matrimonial investigation includes background checking, education verification, employment verification, assets verification, social status, personality traits, health status, character check and criminal Background Investigation are performed.
  • Post Matrimonial Investigation
    If you feel that your life partner is not behaving normal and avoiding you time to time, it means that something is fishy in your relationship. In that case it is necessary to find out what is the reason behind that uncommon behavior of your partner.

  • Divorce Case Investigation
    We have specialized team of detective agents of divorce case investigation and they monitor case as per its intensity. We as a responsible agency guarantee to detect deep information and collect appropriate evidences.
  • Insurance Frauds
    We have a dedicated team of professional Investigators specialized in insurance investigations. Our investigators conduct insurance investigation inquiries into theft claims, fire loss claims, personal injuries claims, death and disability claims.
  • Risk Analysis
    Risk analysis method is very important because it provide the assurance of safety from the future business risks. We bring detailed risk analysis investigation which help organization to minimize their risks and grow business effectively.
  • Surveillance Investigation
    Our team monitors the activities of an individual and keeps track of the outdoor activities, which involve the places visit, people met, and observing the action and communication of an individual. Video makes the research clear and stronger.
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We have years of experience in these field.

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We deliver innovative, effective and ethical investigations.

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